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Below is a list of guidelines that are supplied by our manufacturers in relation to our costumes.

Please be aware that these are guidelines, due to the fact most of our costumes are made out of elasticized material they cannot be guaranteed to be exactly right. They are however a good indication of approximate measurements. If you are in any doubt about any costume and its size please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to ask for further details, we will be happy to help! 

Costumes that are listed as one (only option is medium) generally equate to the medium guidelines listed below, however these do vary and will stretch beyond these sizes in most cases. We will try to make this clear for each costume in its description, again please ask if you are in any doubt. If a costume is designed to be tight fitting, for example an all in one disco suit then it will be quite close to the suggested size. If it is looser fitting, for example a poncho or Nun Costume then it will be larger than the suggested size.

Wigs are all one size, coming with an elastic hair net with wig attached to cover your own hair/head.

Thank you!

                                                   Children's Costumes

Small :      Ages 4-6 : Height 115cm-128cm Waist 54cm-57cm Chest 58cm-64cm

Medium : Ages 7-9 : Height 130cm-140cm Waist 60cm-62cm Chest 69cm-72cm

Large :  Ages 10-12: Height 145cm-158cm Waist 64cm-67cm Chest 76cm-80cm

                                                     Female Costumes

Extra Small : UK 4-6    Bust 83cm-85cm   Waist 62cm-65cm Hips 88cm-91cm

Small :          UK 8-10   Bust 88cm-90cm   Waist 67cm-70cm Hips 94cm-97cm

Medium :     UK 12-14 Bust 94cm-98cm    Waist 75cm-77cm Hips 100cm-104cm

Large:         UK 16-18  Bust 102cm-107cm Waist 81cm-86cm Hips 108cm-113cm

X-Large:      UK 20-22 Bust 112cm-117cm  Waist 91cm-97cm Hips 119cm-124cm         

                                                        Male Costumes

Medium :   Chest  97cm-102cm       Waist 81cm-86cm      Inside Leg 83cm

Large :       Chest 107cm-112cm      Waist 91cm-97cm      Inside Leg 84cm

X-Large :    Chest 117cm-122cm      Waist 102cm-107cm  Inside Leg 85cm