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Eye Accesories

This Year we will be selling our ever popular range of Eye Accessories online.

These items have for some years been a contentious issue amongst a lot of people. Our opinion is that they are perfectly safe and good fun if used correctly, as true of a lot of products. All our products, in particualr our Eye accessories go through strenuous testing before they are allowed to enter the market, this is common sense. If there was a problem with them we would quite simply not be able to buy them from our range of reputable suppliers. They are not contact lenses, and should not be viewed as such. They are sold as eye accessories designed to change the colour of your eye. Obviously by placing an object into your eye you are at risk of causing damage, however if used correclty, and under manufacturers guidelines and safety warnings you are at no risk. We give honest advice about the use of these products, they are not for everybody. However they have a striking effect and will make you stand out from the crowd at a Halloween party. 

This year we are stocking a range of "one use" and 30 day, 90 day and Yearly Eye accessories. Different designs are available across the range, but not all will be available online. These items are always one of our more popular items at Halloween, and we will sell out. So if you fancy a dramatic effect to add to your halloween outfit get them early !

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